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Persona 2: Innocent Sin Masters Guide

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Complete PS1 Persona Collection (Complete w/ Spinecards)

Over a year later and I finally did it! I have the Premiuim Editions of these titles on the psp as well (minus Eternal Punishment of course) but I couldn’t pass up the chance to acquire these when the opportunity arose

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Persona 2: Innocent Sin
Persona 2: Eternal Punishment (Deluxe Pack)

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Persona 2: Eternal Punishment (Deluxe Pack)

(PS1/JP/June 29, 2000)

Previous owner never removed items from the box so neither did I. Glad to have this in the condition it’s in.

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 These titles and the Collector’s Edition of Bravely Default are the only current gen games I bought in 2014. So for the couple folks that asked if I enjoy newer games as well - the answer is yes but not so much. I usually don’t buy titles unless they have a physical pre-order incentive or a First Run Limited Edition and I am very interested in the title..and that is rarely.

 I don’t usually have time or a way to play the newer games anyways as I am usually bouncing around from place to place. For instance Bravely Default came out in February of this year and I’ve been away from the states since the beginning of January.  At this rate I won’t even be able to even see my copy for an entire year let alone play it which will probably be six months from then - if I have time. I’ve had SMT IV since it’s release day (July/2013-again picked up for its First Run release-) and was even able to get my copy from Cali several months later and still haven’t had the time to put it in my 3DS (as of August 2014). So I usually don’t look into newer games.

 Originally I wasn’t going to pick up anything else this year until after hearing about the Tarot cards for Persona being split between P4AU and PQ. For months I put it off and then came to the conclusion I wasn’t going to enjoy tracking those sets down later on. I didn’t even realize Theatrhythm was getting a Limited Edition until I decided to check on it for it’s release date stateside. And I decided to get Kingdom Hearts II.5 to go with my I.5 Limited Edition. It seems I checked in time as these will all be releasing soon. Glad I checked when I did

Persona 3 Portable (Collector’s Edition)

(PSP/PAL/April 29, 2011)

Forgive the quality of these. I took these before moving back to the US from the UK (almost two years ago). I didn’t have a decent camera back then. In fact these were taken with a flip phone I bought for a few pounds while I was over there. These items have been in NY since then, so I don’t exactly have access to them. I probably won’t see these things for a couple more years so I cleaned them up as best as I could. Enjoy -

Figma Aegis: The Ultimate (Ver. Famitsu original colors)

Persona 2: Innocent Sin

(PS1/JP/June 24, 1999)

(Original Post Date: August 30, 2013 - Photos retaken for continuity: September 2, 2014)

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Shin Megami Tensei: Persona

(PS1/JP/ September 20, 1996)

(Original Post Date: July 29, 2013)

*EDIT* August 1, 2014

Another Copy bought for the spine card.

Second Copy - I payed quite a bit more for this copy than I did for the original but in the condition it is in I’m elated to have it.

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