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Dean Slater - 21, Back in the Kinki Region (no really, that is what it's called) - Osaka.

Initial D: Street Stage (First Pressing/Pre-order edition[?] w/ Lanyard and mock carbon fiber case)

(PSP/JP/February 23, 2006)

Forgive the quality of these. I took these before moving back to the US from the UK (almost two years ago). I didn’t have a decent camera back then. In fact these were taken with a flip phone I bought for a few pounds while I was over there. These items have been in NY since then, so I don’t exactly have access to them. I probably won’t see these things for a couple more years so I cleaned them up as best as I could. Enjoy -

This game is a personal victory for me. I had finally saved up enough money from late 2005 to early 2006 with birthday and Christmas money as well as allowance/chore bucks to purchase my very first system. This game was next to the psp I would be purchasing. I so badly wanted it. But of course it’s an import game. Fry’s Electronics knew the psp had a crap line up so they even imported some games from Japan to help sales over here in Sunnyvale. And even though the games were $70-80 a piece it actually worked. They sold out. Obviously after shelling out 300 bucks on a psp as a 13 year old - I didn’t exactly have another 80 dollars to shell out for a game to go with it. So I saved up another months worth chore money and convinced my dad to help me cover the rest for this game, but by the time I came back it was already gone. Q.Q

Cut to 5 years later. It’s late 2011. Just graduated. Getting ready to move with my friend to NY and then to work our way to the UK. Still loving my psp(s) and back into buying games with all the premium editions being released during that period. I was at Fry’s every time the stars aligned when something I wanted was on sale and my friend and I had enough money scraped together to get something to entertain us. A couple months before leaving I had literally just finished talking about the game that got away (this one) for the millionth time. Pretty much every time we went to Fry’s I told her about Initial D: Street Stage. And There it was. It was sitting there. The very copy I had missed out on. The weird case. The lanyard. And it was marked down to $40. They were having a psp clearance. I forgot whatever game we had went there for and went to the counter to buy it. I just had to have it. We get to the counter where I’m told it’s $5. I almost had a damn heart attack. And I ran back to the games section to get whatever the hell I went there for in the first place. This was probably my happiest, longest, and biggest victory I will have. 5 years in the making. One handheld generation to another. Middle school to graduating high school. $80- $5.