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Dean Slater - 21, Back in the Kinki Region (no really, that is what it's called) - Osaka.

Pocket Monsters Stadium (w/ 64GB Pack)

(N64/JP/August 1, 1998

(Original Post Date: August 14, 2013)

*EDIT* July 26, 2014

Got this copy last week but due to my lack of time I just now got around to uploading this. Glad I got the chance to retake the photos on this post with a real camera. The cell phone pics from last year didn’t do it justice.

Second Copy - For the price I was able to pick this one up at I am more than happy to have this nicer less beat up copy. When I get a gameboy over here I plan on trying out the 64GB Pack with the second copy of Pokemon Yellow I just got!